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Myers Drone Flyers is a small, family owned and operated business aimed at bringing you some of the best footage the skies have to offer! 

My name is Patrick Myers, the head of Myers Drone Flyers. My vision for this service has always been to capture beauty, regardless of where it is! As it turns out, the skies offer a breathtaking perspective on the world around us, turning a dull city skyline into a tour of the heavens. I have a strong background in photography and have developed an "eye" of sorts for unearthing beauty, regardless of where it might try to hide. My goal with Myers Drone Flyers is to help unearth the beauty of your life and bring it into reality by capturing it through drone photography. 

Everyone can agree that beauty is, well, beautiful! We are all searching for that vista that is so beautiful it calls us to wonderment and awe. Let me help you find it. Whether it's your house, your business, your land, your next big event; let's work together to show others how truly beautiful your life is.

If you're interested in going on this adventure with us, reach out today and lets work on capturing beauty together as a team.

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